4wd Accessories FAQ in Mornington Peninsula

Do you have a 4WD car or truck in Mornington Peninsula? If so, do you know the difference between an off-road accessory and a utility or work vehicle accessory? This post will answer all your questions.

Utility vehicles are used to haul cargo and equipment while off-road vehicles are typically designed for recreational use. Off-roading is usually done on unpaved surfaces such as dirt roads and trails that provide challenging obstacles like steep slopes, rocks, mud pits and other things that can cause problems with your vehicle.

When it comes to 4WD accessories there are different types for both types of drivers: those who need them for work purposes and those who want them just because they enjoy driving their cars or trucks.


What is a 4WD Accessory?

A 4WD accessory is an item that you attach to your vehicle in order to provide it with more traction. We all have situations where we need a little extra grip, and these products are designed for those moments.

What kind of situations? Well, if you’re driving on muddy, through deep snow or up steep hillsides then a 4WD accessory might be just what you need!

We’ll briefly go over some of these most popular items:


Do you know what a 4WD shackle is?

It’s the small metal part that attaches your trailer to your vehicle. You might not think about it much, but there are two different types of 4WD shackles: the “bolt-on” and the “bolt-in.” The bolt-on is used when you have a hitch on your truck bed or bumper while the bolt-in can be used for a variety of other applications.

A shackle connects one thing to another. For example, in off road driving, it’s often connecting your trailer to your vehicle with chains or ropes. There are two types of shackles: soft shackles are made from rubber and have a c-shape design, while extended shackles are made from steel with a straight shape, like the one above.


I’m sure you’ve heard that winches are important for off road driving in Mornington Peninsula, but what exactly do they do?

A winch is an essential tool in any 4WD driver’s arsenal. Primarily, a winch can be used to pull out stuck vehicles or attach heavy objects like logs together. And if you’re really adventurous, there’s always the idea of pulling someone else out with your truck by using the tow strap.

Interested yet?

Let us explain how it works.

There are two different types of winches: manual and electric.

Manual winches are great because they don’t require any kind of power source, but if you’re looking for something that can be operated with ease and convenience, an electrical one might be a better choice.  differential locks (for when your wheels slip)

Final Words

You’re a 4wd driver in Mornington Peninsula and you want to know what is the best off road accessory for your car. You do not want to buy something that will just break or wear out, but also need it to be affordable and practical.

Go shop with us. We only sell high quality 4WD accessories.