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Why Install Direction Plus Oil Catch Cans Toowoomba, Today?


Direction Plus Oil Provent Oil Seperators Toowoomba ensures the air vented from your car is cleaned before it is fed back into the engine's air intake.

What happens to your engine if it operates without an oil catch can?

Without an oil catch can Toowoomba, some oil particles get to enter your systems crankcase. These leads to more oil solidifying on the valves, thus decreasing your systems efficiency. As a result, your intake valve suffers from one or more of the following conditions:

  • Knocking

  • Pre-ignition

  • Loss in power

  • Loss in fuel economy

How does oil catch cans for your Toowoomba 4WD Help?

Oil catch cans Toowoomba helps in preventing oil particles from re-entering your intake valve. It is strategically placed after the PCV and before the intercooler for it to perform its function effectively. This ensure only 100% of the air mixture will enter the inter cooler and the intake valve. Thus, preventing cake build-up and the problems mentioned above.

Why choose Direction Plus Toowoomba

Direction Plus Toowoomba is uniquely designed to protect your diesel engine against expensive soot and oil contamination by reducing the amount of oil that enters your engine. This brings the following advantages to your engine:

  • Excellent turbocharger protection

  • Minimised oil consumption

  • Preventive intercooler oil build-up

  • Regulated crankcase pressure

  • Maintained cleanliness of the critical engine components

  • Reduced exhaust smoke and odours

Ultimately, this gives you a huge amount of savings because you don't need to have frequent engine clean-up. So, what are you waiting for? Install a Direction Plus Oil Catch Cans Toowoomba to your engine system, today.

Are You Sick Of Wearing The Out Side Edges Off Your Tyres! We Have The Solution

Why Blackhawk Upper Control Arms Toowoomba for Your 4x4?

4x4 with independent front suspension (IFS) must have a Blackhawk upper control arms Toowoomba installed. This helps in ensuring the correct wheel alignment and the prevention of outer edge tyre wear on lifted vehicles. It also helps in fixing the following issues associated with raised suspension:

  • Vague response and steering due to reduced caster correction

  • Lack of control and difficulty in handling due to bump steering

  • Clearance issues affecting large wheels and tyres

  • Minimal strength during off road scenarios

  • Upper control arms (UCA) hitting the coil on a full droop

Read on to see how Blackhawk Upper Control Arms Toowoomba helps in eliminating these issues.

Benefits of Black Hawk Upper Control Arms Toowoomba

For those looking to find the best UCA for their vehicles, Blackhawk Toowoomba is one of the best options as shown in these features:

Perfect Caster Correction

Blackhawk Toowoomba UCA has a 3 degrees correction, which is equivalent to 30 to 70mm, the perfect amount of correction needed for your 4x4.

Can fit even larger tyres and wheels

Blackhawk Toowoomba UCA can fit even larger than standard size tyres. Now you can have these high-quality upper control arms even for your customised tyres and wheels. Order one, today.

Suspension components and chassis clearance

Blackhawk fixes the problem with UCA hitting the coil of the chassis mount during suspension. Thus, it does not post any limit to the amount of travel of your 4x4.

Secured ABS Lines

Blackhawk also incorporates tabs and mounts to ensure the OE lines can be discreetly put into place. This reduces damages to the sensitive lines of your system.

Increased strength capacity

These UCA Toowoomba also have stiffer arms that provides increased handling and better response mechanism to the driver.

Durable discreet finish

The upper control arms Toowoomba of Blackhawk is has a machine alloy dust cap with black anodized incorporated in its logo. This deters corrosion. It's strategic position also aids in protecting the top section of the ball joint from dust, mud and water.

Computer modelled for uniformity

All of this upper control arms Toowoomba products have been computer modelled. It has also passed and undergone both static and bump/internal load tests. All of which has been certified and reviewed by local VASS engineers.

The result is 4x4 products that are of sound design. It even exceeds the original equipment design in terms of strength and functionality.

So, what are you waiting for? Your search for the best upper control arm for 4x4 is now over. Buy your Blackhawk Toowoomba UCA, today.

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