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Blackhawk Driveline & Diff Breather Kit

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Blackhawk Driveline breather kit acts as a 'snorkel' for the vehicles driveline, and is more than just a " diff breather". Installed in its full 4 port configuration the Blackhawk Driveline Breather Kit provides breathability and protection to front & rear differentials, transmission and transfer case.

When the vehicle is running at normal operating temperatures and driveline components come into contact with water or mud, the change in temperature creates a vacuum inside your hot

diffs, gear box or transfer case. This pressure shift encourages mud, water and debris to be 'sucked' in to the driveline components through the factory breathers or seals. The Blackhawk Driveline breather kits replace the factory breathers and allow for the driveline components to be vented in one central location, generally high above the potential water/mud level, allowing the components to breath freely, eliminating the potential for oil contamination that can lead to damaged drivetrain components.

These kits are awesome. Some of the key features include...

- Suits for 2 port or 4 port installation.
- Quality 8mm

breather hose in spring style design flexible polyurethane for improved install, operation (suits long travel) and hose longevity.
- High quality stainless steel fittings.
- Billet machined T6061 aluminium manifold.
- Compact design.
- Rear mounted washable filters sit out of sight and away from the elements.
- Isolated ports protected from contamination in the event of mechanical failure or flow back.
- Comprehensive fitting kit.
- Can be plumbed into the vehicles airbox to maximise the potential of uninterrupted air supply if the vehicle happens to be submerged underwater temporarily.

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