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Saas Pedal Box S-Drive

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Saas Pedal Box S-Drive

What is an S-Drive and How does it work?

An S-Drive is an electronic throttle controller that works on modern vehicles that use "fly by wire" throttle technology, in other words, vehicles without an accelerator cable. Most fly by wire vehicles have a delay from the moment the accelerator pedal is pressed, to the time the signal gets to the throttle, otherwise known as "lag".

The S-Drive reduces (and in some vehicle, eliminates) lag by giving you the ability to adjust the throttles sensitvity. The S-Drive can be adjusted to suit any driving style with 5 driving modes to choose from, including:

  • Comfort Mode
  • Sports Mode
  • Performance Mode
  • Eco Mode
  • Original Mode

For even more adjustability. 4 out of 5 modes are fully adjustable at the touch of a button. This makes the S-Drive a perfect fit for towing trailers, caravans or if you simply want to get better response out of your vehicle.

The S-Drive suits all types of transmissions and petrol/diesel engines. In most cases, you can install the S-Drive in as little as 5 minutes with the help of the fitting guide.

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